Thursday, November 29, 2012



Click the above link for full spec of the Monitor

 It comes with a remote that makes it more fun to customize it.
To use the speakers of the monitor you need to connect a cable to the PC. The cable is provided. Set the speakers volume no more than 27.

To edit Settings of the monitor with the PC you need to install EIZO software.

Power Consumption is 27.7 Watts at Brightness 80 Contrast 65.

Use Smart Insight for stronger and truer brightness. For Games use. Recommended setting 3.

Monitor has a very good brightness and sharpness.

The viewing angles from left to right are perfect, bottom to top is good due to the IPS panel.

You can adjust tilt and height.

You wont regret buying this monitor.

Cyprus Distributor 

K&D Computer Systems Ltd
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Monday, May 7, 2012

What I don't like about Nikon D4

 This kind of equipment is expensive and when I want or need to upgrade I expect the upgrades to worth this buy.

I own a D3 and when D4 was announced with 16 MP it got my attention. After reading all the specs I was seriously disappointed not to mention the price increase. Cars are getting better but the price sometimes gets even lower not higher.

I will list what things I don't like about Nikon D4.

  1. Record button near the shutter button: It's a camera not a camcorder, yes I know it can shoot 1080HD...
  2. Two new 'sub-selectors' on the rear: Nikon why you keep adding more awkward buttons to touch them accidentally and ruin my day?
  3. 2 Type of memory cards: If it was 2 XQD then it would be just fine. I trust Sony more than any other brand, from professional experience of course.
  4. Connectivity: Still USB 2.0, for real? come on...
  5. Price: $5,999.95, yes is a lot for me. D3s was $5,199.95. 

No I wont Buy a Nikon D4.

Thank you for reading.