Monday, May 7, 2012

What I don't like about Nikon D4

 This kind of equipment is expensive and when I want or need to upgrade I expect the upgrades to worth this buy.

I own a D3 and when D4 was announced with 16 MP it got my attention. After reading all the specs I was seriously disappointed not to mention the price increase. Cars are getting better but the price sometimes gets even lower not higher.

I will list what things I don't like about Nikon D4.

  1. Record button near the shutter button: It's a camera not a camcorder, yes I know it can shoot 1080HD...
  2. Two new 'sub-selectors' on the rear: Nikon why you keep adding more awkward buttons to touch them accidentally and ruin my day?
  3. 2 Type of memory cards: If it was 2 XQD then it would be just fine. I trust Sony more than any other brand, from professional experience of course.
  4. Connectivity: Still USB 2.0, for real? come on...
  5. Price: $5,999.95, yes is a lot for me. D3s was $5,199.95. 

No I wont Buy a Nikon D4.

Thank you for reading.


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